GAP Miners plans to realize its goals through mutually beneficial partnerships. We have carefully evaluated and selected our partners from a large pool of professional service providers in India. We intend to forge strong partnerships to bring the right solutions at the right time. Through these partnerships we will keep our processes and knowledge continuously updated.


GAP Miners has partnered with highly experienced and proven technology and solution providers to provide tailored business solutions and services. Partners have been carefully selected after thorough scrutiny of their track record and technological capabilities. Our technology partners fall into four categories: Software Development companies, Software Testing companies, System and Security Administration, and Software Integration Partners. Through these partnerships we intend to build our innovative ideas into solutions that are reliable, scalable and secure.

Creative Services

We are building exciting partnerships with highly talented and creative firms in the city of Hyderabad. These stellar teams will play an important part in communicating our solutions to our customers. It is an awesome experience watching their work. We just set our guidelines and ground rules. Then, these gifted teams go about their work with a sense of excitement and from their great insight and experience, come up with a winning combination of freshness, style and effective creativity.

Strategic Alliances

GAP Miners understands the value of building strategic marketing relationships with organizations which have complementary strengths for quick penetration into the market. Our alliance strategy includes developing alliances with service providers who have a nation-wide reach. Also, to have a competitive advantage, GAP Miners will form its own Channel Partner network all over India. Channel Partner will be chosen carefully keeping in view skills, knowledge, business experience and long term commitment to the business. Channel Partner are treated as long term partners of the company and will get a commission of recurring revenue generated by them.

We would like to hear from companies who can assist us in creating a better value to our customers by being our strategic partners.


GAP Miners is a privately held company. We have already raised substantial equity funds through our investors to sustain operations beyond break-even stage. Apart from being financial stakeholders, few of our main investors also lend strategic advice for the growth of the company.

Our commitment to investors is a top priority. It is our goal to deliver attractive returns on investment and to communicate with investors regularly in a transparent manner.

We are actively looking for funding to spur more ambitious growth plans.

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