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UPto75 provides deals and discounts across 20 categories from 14 cities in an user-friendly format. One can visit the site to get the information on best shopping deals in their neighborhood and then make a better purchase decision. The dream of is to make a every shopper an expert shopper who never misses the best deals.

Existing scenario

The Indian retail market is exploding - both online and offline. For consumers in India, the retail boom is a gift and is only poised to grow bigger. For retailers the current marketing channels to reach out to end consumers are not cost-effective. The ROI through both traditonal channels such as Paper, TV, Radio and online mediums is not positive. Many a time a great deal is missed by the end consumer, for lack of timely information.


There is a very big need for a channel which can provide very cost-effective solutions to Indian Retails through online and BTL activities. Likewise, there is a big need for a content aggregator which compiles information on Deals and Sales from retail outlets across India. If the consumer had information about Deals at one place, the consumers can choose and compare to get more value for the money they spend.

Value add gets deals from popular merchants in various categories across 14 cities, compiles all information on SALES across the country and offers the power of choice.

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