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UPto75 collates and provides information on all retail SALES currently on offer across India in an user-friendly format. One can visit the site www.upto75.com to get the information on best shopping deals in their neighborhood and then make a better purchase decision. The dream of UPto75 is to make a every shopper an expert shopper who never misses the best deals.

Existing scenario:
The Indian retail market is exploding. The number of SALES on offer is growing. For consumers in India, the retail boom is a gift and is only poised to grow bigger. Currently one gets information on SALES only through advertisements or flyers from individual retailers. Many a time a great sale is missed for lack of timely information.

There is no online compilation of information on SALES on offer from retail outlets across India. Consumers cannot choose and compare. If one had information about SALES at one place, one could get more value for the money they spend.
Value add:
www.upto75.com compiles all information on SALES across the country and offers the power of choice.
  • Navigate and search by category, date and location.
  • Uncover the best deal at a click.
  • With loads of money saved, shopping would now be more easier and fun.
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