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buses.nomorequeue.com provides the comfort of online purchase of bus tickets to bus travelers. Currently we provide ticketing services for the following sectors Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai and Bangalore. One can log on to buses.nomorequeue.com, choose from the exhaustive list of bus services available and book their tickets in minutes. Now bus travel is as easy as clicking on to buses.nomorequeue.com

For bus service providers, buses.nomorequeue.com provides an opportunity to tap into the growing online market and increase seat occupancy at no extra cost. World over, aggregator sites like NoMoreQueue.com (which provide information related to various service providers at one site) are used to increase occupancy and customer comfort.

Existing scenario:
Most bus travelers still depend on physical purchase at the counters or on booking agents. This results in a waste of time and energy to procure a bus ticket. Though there are some online options available to buy bus ticketsthe required choice is not available.

Bus service providers today are facing the challenge of growing competition and an increased necessity to fill up seat occupancy, especially in off-season. Since service would be a crucial differentiator in the future – starting with ease of booking a ticket – it makes good business sense to go online at no extra cost.

The existing online booking space for buses has few aggregator sites and  sites  owned by bus service providers. However, they just cover only a minuscle portion of the total market. Bus travelers are still not used to checking bus timings, seat availability, fare comparison etc as flight travelers do, mainly because of lack of good aggregator sites. A good aggregator site that allows bus travelers the ease of booking tickets online offers good potential.

Value add:
For bus travelers
buses.NoMoreQueue.com provides bus travelers an easy and reliable option to book bus tickets. Our reach covers most major cities.
  • Navigate and search by destination, date, service provider, fare, seats available
  • Book tickets online
  • Avoid queues
  • Save time, energy and money
  • Exercise the power of choice

For bus service providers
NoMoreQueue.com’s aggregator model benefits bus service providers. Worldwide bus companies use this model, and in India, the case has already been proven by the hotel and airline industry, which rely mainly on aggregator sites to sell inventory.

  • More business
  • Multiple access points
  • Greater brand recognition.
Business Units
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