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No More Queue-Movies No More Queue-Buses

www.nomorequeue.com provides movie viewers the comfort of buying movie tickets online. One can log on to www.nomorequeue.com from anywhere, choose from the list of movies and theatres across India and book tickets. Now watching movies is as easy as clicking on to www.nomorequeue.com

For movie theatres, www.nomorequeue.com provides an opportunity to tap into the growing online market and increase seat occupancy sharply.

Existing scenario:
Most moviegoers still depend on the archaic Advance Booking method. The other mode is that of Current Booking which frequently ends in disappointments. The online booking and tele-booking services on offer currently are not very user-friendly.
Drawing audiences to theatres is becoming increasingly tough as movie theatres face stiff competition from television and other forms of entertainment. In the future, service could be a crucial differentiator.

The existing online and teleticket booking processes for movies require a phone call / online transaction followed by another step where one may need to collect the tickets (another queue) or receive the tickets by courier.

Value add:
www.nomorequeue.com provides a never-before convenience to moviegoers and theatre owners. The site makes buying movie tickets a single step process that is very easy and offers full control.
  • Navigate and search by city, theatre, movie, show, seats
  • Book tickets online
  • Avoid queues, enjoy the movie experience
  • Save time and money
  • Theatre owners get increased audiences, larger ticket sales and lesser queues to manage
Business Units
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